Home Update Project: Tips for Using Unclaimed Materials

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Home Update Project | Reclaimed MaterialsCurious about using reclaimed materials in your home update project? Reclaimed materials are more popular than ever. Reclaimed materials are generally less expensive than new materials. Reclaimed materials add character and charm to your home. Using reclaimed materials is also an eco-conscious choice as it keeps those materials from ending up in landfills. Good for the earth and good for your wallet? Good deal! Here are some tips for ways you can use reclaimed materials.

Reclaimed Brick

The weathering and wear of reclaimed brick gives it a cozy feel wherever you use it. Reclaimed brick makes a great finish for your fireplace. Use reclaimed brick to create a “faux” exposed brick feature wall. It also adds character to walkways and patios outdoors.

Reclaimed Tile

The vintage look is in for kitchens and bathrooms in particular. Reclaimed vintage tile gets you the look for lower cost than new “vintage-inspired” options. In the kitchen, use reclaimed tile for a visually-interesting backsplash. Another great way to use reclaimed vintage tile is as a design accent in your flooring. This works well in both the kitchen and the bath.

Reclaimed Hardware

You can score great bargains with reclaimed hardware from cabinetry or doors. Items like door hinges, door handles, cabinet door handles and drawer pulls are much cheaper when you choose reclaimed options over new, and they can have a dramatic impact on your space. For extra personality and fun, mix and match a few complimentary looks to reflect your personal style.

Reclaimed Sinks and Tubs

Few things are as classic and sought-after than the legendary cast-iron, claw-foot bathtub. Aside from being sturdy, cast-iron tubs hold the heat of the water better (so fewer hot water refreshes for longer soaks). Keep in mind, using a reclaimed tub will likely need to be reglazed before it’s ready for your bathroom oasis. When salvaging sinks, reglazing could be needed but also make sure to measure and make sure the sink will fit in the cut-out in your countertop. If the reclaimed sink you love doesn’t fit your current countertops, you might seek the help of a contractor for a game plan to make it work.

Reclaimed Wood

Barn wood planks, old wooden support beams, reclaimed baseboards and even old wainscotting and chair rails can be used in a number of ways in your home update. However, there are a few things to keep an eye out for when you use reclaimed wood such as termites and lead-based paint. If you plan to use the reclaimed wood in a way that will be weight-bearing, it’s best to check with a contractor to ensure the wood isn’t warped and has the structural integrity to be used in the way you want.

Using reclaimed materials in your home update project can save you quite a bit of money while adding charm and personality to the space. For some types of reclaimed materials, there might be a bit of work involved but the result can be well worth the effort. As an extra bonus, using reclaimed materials keeps them out of landfills and is better for the environment.