Myrtle Beach Home Staging: What Exactly is Feng Shui?

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flower pots with plants and flowers on window
flower pots with plants and flowers on window

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging furniture and belongings to encourage a positive flow of energy (chi) through the home. The term translates to wind (feng) and water (shui). In feng shui, all objects and spaces have different energy, and those energies can impact each other in different ways depending on their placement from each other and from features of the home, such as doors and windows. While it takes years to master all the different facets of the practice of feng shui, there are several basics you can use to improve the flow of positive chi in your Myrtle Beach home.

* Front entrance – The front entrance of the home is very important as it is the primary source of fresh chi into your home. Make sure your front entrance is inviting for both visitors and good chi by first making sure that the walkway leading up to the door is swept clean of grass, leaves and debris. The door should be a bold, contrasting color that draws the eye, with a large welcome mat and an equal balance of round-leaved plants on each side of the entrance (whether in the ground or in planters). Avoid using plants with pointed leaves which are sharp and aggressive and repel chi (both outside and inside the home).

* Bathrooms – Always keep doors to bathrooms closed, toilet lids down, and shower curtains or doors pulled shut. Drains and toilets pull chi down and out of the home. Keeping doors closed and drains or toilets closed off prevents good chi from being drained away. Bathrooms should always be clean and refreshing with all clutter and non-essentials organized and stowed out of sight. Encourage a spa-like feeling with a basket of rolled fresh white towels and natural objects like a few seashells for decoration.

* Bedrooms – Bedrooms are meant to be a place of healing and relaxation. Electronics like televisions and computers disrupt the flow of chi and should be kept out of the bedroom whenever possible. Beds and headboards should rest against a sturdy wall, however, avoid placing the bed right under a window or in direct line with (or facing) the doorway. When the bed is in the direct line of the door, the strongest flow of chi into the room hits the bed first. The strength of that chi can cause restless sleep or even insomnia. The bed should have a night stand on either side and while they don’t have to be the same, the size and shape of them should be similar.

* General good chi practices – A few general principles will help you best align the flow of chi through the rest of your home. Avoid having the backs of chairs or sofas face an entryway – instead, have the furniture face the entry to welcome people and chi into the space. Avoid clutter and keep decoration simple. Clutter scatters chi and creates a feeling of chaos, both for you and your guests. Avoid having too much furniture or furniture that is too large for the room as chi needs open space to flow properly.

Whether you have just moved into your dream home in Myrtle Beach, or you are staging your home to sell, using a few key principles from the practice of feng shui will help you organize your home for a strong flow of positive chi. Good flow of positive chi creates feelings of comfort, confidence, creativity and prosperity.

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