5 Ways Your Home Could Scare Off Potential Home Buyers

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How to scare off potential home buyersHas your home been lingering on the market with not much interest from home buyers? It’s possible your home could be scaring off potential buyers. Here are 5 ways your home could be sending buyers screaming for the hills:

1. Evidence of hoarding in the home.
Long-term hoarding situations in homes result in disrepair as problems like leaks, mold and other damaging conditions can go unnoticed for a long time – sometimes years. Even if the items or the hoard is removed from the property, evidence of hoarding can linger. If your home was previously a hoarding site, it’s important to have it professionally addressed to fix any issues caused by the hoarding conditions and restore the home to sellable condition.

2. Dead bugs.
It’s important to keep your home in clean and showing-ready condition. Dead bugs on window screens, in corners and under furnishings are a major turn-off to potential buyers. While it shows that you stay on top of pest control, no one wants to see the evidence of it with visible bug carcasses.

3. Live bugs.
While dead bugs are an issue, live ones are a bigger issue. Neglecting pest control isn’t a good idea either. A few of the top offenders are fleas and bed bugs. If you have pets, make sure you use proper flea control measures for their health and well-being, and to ensure your home is flea-free. Bed bugs can hitch a ride into any home via your clothes, used furniture and your suitcase following a trip. If you even suspect a bug could be a bed bug, get your pest control company out to the home immediately. The longer they have to create an infestation, the harder they are to get rid of and the more buyers they’ll scare off.

4. Bad or lingering smells.
Any kind of strong odors can be a turn-off for potential buyers. Smells from trash, pets and even strong cooking odors can send potential buyers out the door holding their noses. The best smell for your home is no smell at all. Buyers are most drawn to homes that smell simply fresh and clean with no cloying fragrances of any kind.

5. Your prized collection.
Collections generally just look like clutter to potential buyers, no matter how organized they are. It’s best to pack away your prized collection of clown figurines, antique dolls and mounted animal heads. What is enjoyable for you can be viewed as clutter or even downright creepy to potential buyers.

When you’re selling a home, the last thing you want to do is scare off potential buyers. These 5 things could have buyers hot-footing out the front door before they ever see the positives of your home.