Moving to Myrtle Beach? Top 5 Items Moving Companies Won’t Ship

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Moving to Myrtle BeachMoving to a new place is exciting! However, planning your long-distance move can be a chore with lots of details you might not be expecting. One of those details that many people don’t expect is finding out that there are things moving companies often won’t ship. Let’s take a look at the top 5 things moving companies usually won’t ship.

1. Flat-screen TVs – Flat-screen TVs are easily damaged by the bumps and jostling of a move. Plasma-screen TVs are especially fragile to damage during a move. For this reason, many moving companies won’t handle or ship flat-screen TVs.

2. Fine Art – The potential for damage to a fine art piece is huge. Keep in mind that your move will include mattresses, furniture and all sizes of boxes that can shift around during shipping or transport. The best option for fine art pieces is to ship them using professional art shipping services. While these services can be costly, they generally include insurance and have the right expertise to transport your fine art in a way that avoids damage.

3. Photo Albums, Framed Photos and Boxed Photos – Photos have high sentimental value and can often be irreplaceable. Photos are easily damaged by temperature extremes and temperature changes that are common during the transport of your belongings, especially if your long-distance move is from one climate extreme to another. Many moving companies prefer to avoid the risk of damage to your photos and the special memories they represent.

4. Nail Polish – While this might sound like an unusual item for moving companies to refuse to ship, it’s actually a very risky item to include in a move. The glass bottles are easily broken or could leak – particularly due to the temperature changes your shipment could experience along the trip. Nail polish is highly flammable, so a leaking or broken bottle of nail polish poses a fire risk for the entire load of belongings.

5. Expensive Clothing and Jewelry – Moving companies don’t want to assume the risk of damage, loss or theft of your expensive clothing or jewelry. While many loads are secured, others could be packed onto a truck with belongings from another family – or a few. Many long-distance moving companies transport belongings from more than one family on one truck (this keeps cost down for everyone). This means your expensive belongings could inadvertently be unloaded with belongings from another family.

As a general rule, most moving companies won’t ship anything that is too fragile, potentially hazardous or highly valuable. Check with your moving company to make sure you have a list of items they won’t ship as each moving company can have slightly different restrictions or rules.