Sell My Home: Unique Home Selling Strategies

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Sell My Home | Unique Home Selling Strategies Myrtle BeachIf your listing has a lot of competition in your neighborhood or market, it can pay to get creative with your home selling strategies (with your agent on board, of course). Here are a few interesting and unique home selling strategies other sellers have used across the country to get their listing noticed and bring buyers flocking in.

1. Give a Facebook Live Tour – A personal Facebook Live tour of your home can be a great compliment to the listing photos and virtual home tour your listing agent might already have set up. To keep it short and sweet, focus on a few of your favorite spots or features in your home. Show off your chef-inspired kitchen or that lazy Sunday back patio that really make your home special. By keeping your Facebook Live tour focused to those special spaces, it helps prevent you from rambling or going on too long and losing viewers.

2. Try a Themed Open House – Most open houses are nothing to write home about. Make your open house more memorable and way more fun by incorporating a theme that accentuates your home. For example, if you’re selling a Victorian-style home, a backyard garden tea party is a great way to incorporate a theme that brings notice to your home and the beautiful landscaping around it. Selling a 1960’s era bungalow? Consider a Mad Men-themed open house and don’t forget the cocktails!

3. Add Incentives and Freebies – Think about items or equipment that could be useful for a new owner to already have handy or that you would prefer to not deal with moving. Items such as like-new gym/fitness equipment, lawn mowers and lawn care equipment or relatively new (i.e. good condition) furniture can be an attractive incentive – especially for first-time home buyers. If your home is on the water, consider adding the value of your boat into the home price and including it as part of the sale.

4. Host a Special Open House/Party for Neighbors – Host a fun neighborhood event with food, music and a nice tour of your home. Make sure to include neighbors throughout your neighborhood and not just those on your street or block. As a bonus for neighbors helping spread the word about your listing, they’ll also be part of “choosing” their new neighbor. And really, who hasn’t daydreamed about getting to choose your neighbors from time to time?

5. Give Serious Potential Buyers Your Home for the Weekend – What better way to convince potential buyers that your home is the right home for them than giving them a weekend getaway to experience it for themselves? Use creative staging to highlight key areas or features of the home. Provide everything needed for a spa-like experience in your bathroom oasis. Provide plenty of chopped wood for that great cozy fireplace along with a good bottle of wine, fluffy pillows and toasty throw blankets. Giving serious potential buyers a weekend to “test drive” living in the home is a great way to get the sale. Note: Check sites like AirBNB for advice on hosting strangers in your home.

When your listing has fierce competition, you and your listing agent can use creative strategies to help your home stand out from the crowd.