Seller Renovation Regrets: Avoid These 4 Costly Mistakes

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Seller Renovation regrets Myrtle BeachWhen preparing to list your home, some updates and upgrades make sense to give you a better chance at a higher asking price. However, not every renovation pays off in the long run. Here are some of the top seller renovation regrets to help you avoid making a costly mistake.

1. Smart technology isn’t always a sure bet.
While many buyers are interested in smart home technology, few are willing to shell out major cash for it. Skipping over other more helpful upgrades in favor of adding smart home technology could come back to take a bite out of your asking price. Also keep in mind that technology changes quickly so your investment in some smart home features could be obsolete by the time you have a buyer lined up.

2. DIY can cost you more than it saves you.
When it comes to upgrades and renovations, cutting corners by making improvements yourself can backfire if you don’t have the right expertise. Incorrectly done home improvements are major turn off for buyers. If it’s worth doing to improve your chances at a quick sale or a higher asking price, it’s worth doing correctly by a professional.

3. Following the trends tends to fall flat with buyers.
Trends come and go with seeming lightning speed in our fast-paced world. When making updates or upgrades, following the current trends could take you too boldly into a style that doesn’t appeal to buyers. Avoid super trendy upgrades and stick with classics and neutrals to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

4. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.
A number of expensive home improvements can fall into this category. Redoing a roof that doesn’t need a rehab, replacing siding that is still going strong or opening up walls for insulation or plumbing updates that aren’t needed are just a few expensive examples. These renovations are some of the most costly on our list and rarely result in a solid return on investment for sellers. So, the old adage of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” certainly applies.

Preparing your home to list naturally includes some quick fixes and minor updates to help you sell fast and for a good price. However, some sellers decide to tackle renovations that are unnecessary or won’t give them the return they anticipate. Before making any major changes to your home, talk to your listing agent about what updates will pay off and what updates will just be a big payout.