Shocking and Scary Stories of Real Estate Showings

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Scary & Spooky Real Estate ShowingsThese scary stories from real estate showings will give you more shivers than a January cold front! Each story is based on true events, though some names have been changed to protect the terrified realtors and the clients who experienced them.

Leave a Light On

Michael in Alabama was doing a walk-through of a two-story home that was a long-time lurker on the market in an otherwise happening neighborhood. It would require quite a bit of fixing up but he had a few clients in mind who might be interested. As he walked through the home, he noticed feeling a bit uneasy, as if he was being watched even though he was clearly alone. Back on the first floor, he turned a corner and found himself across the room from the open basement door. The basement light was shining brightly. “I left immediately,” recalls Michael, “the electricity to the home had been turned off for more than two years.”


A professional real estate photographer in Connecticut had just returned home from shooting pictures for the listing of a historic home. Rachel made a cup of tea as the photos loaded into her computer. As she scrolled through the pictures highlighting the ornate details and character of this old home, she came to a set of pictures she’d taken from different angles of a large mirror set into an intricately carved frame. What the photos revealed frighten her to this very day. “I was alone in the house. I know that for sure,” she recounts, “I never saw the tall man in the black overcoat… but he’s there behind me in every picture in the reflection of this mirror.”

A True Dead End

Scott, a realtor in North Carolina, was touring a land lot at the dead end of a dirt road with clients looking to build a dream home out in the country. “The land was really overgrown with brush and weeds so we didn’t know what we’d find when we went poking around,” Scott says. What did they find? A small cemetery containing both human and pet graves along with a set of underground cement kennels. “It looked like a scene straight out of a horror film!” Scott and his clients didn’t stick around to see what other secrets this dead end had hidden under the brush.

Guard Cat

Kendall in Ohio was showing a client a two-story home in a quiet neighborhood. The sellers were out of town for a funeral and had left instructions to allow showings while they were away. As Kendall and her clients were touring the first floor, they noticed a large white cat watching them from the top of the stairs. “I looked at the showing details and there was no mention of a cat in the home. This isn’t unusual if the cat typically hides from people but it’s always a good thing to know about any pet in the home.” Kendall shares. As they walked up the stairs, the cat was gone so they assumed it was hiding. They were touring the master bedroom when they heard a menacing growl from the doorway. The cat was back with its hair on end, growling, hissing and blocking their exit from the room. Every time they tried to leave, the cat lunged at them and chased them back into the room, snapping its teeth and swinging its claws before it returned to its guard post. The cat clearly had no intention of letting them leave. After a few tries, Kendall threw her coat over the cat, buying herself and her clients time to escape the home. She later called the listing agent to report the incident with the cat. What the listing agent told her sent chills down her spine. “The sellers are both severely allergic… they don’t have a cat.”

Who knew being a realtor could be so spooky? It seems some homes have more to fear than shag carpet or ugly decor. Which story gave you the shivers?